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I'm Olivia, and I'm a certified makeup artist near Boise, Idaho. I have been doing makeup for almost 6 years! I'm born and raised in Idaho, and I can't imagine calling any other place home! I married the love of my life in August of 2020 after being together 6 years! (all my COVID brides, I feel ya!!). We have a quirky black lab pup that we absolutely adore, named Koda. I love to spend time outdoors hiking, camping, and fishing. I love being with family and getting competitive with games ;)

I graduated from BSU with my BSN in December of 2021, and am currently working as a full time mother baby nurse. I love being able to pursue to of my passions.

I got into makeup because of my sweet Grandma. Growing up, she was all about beauty! She was so amazing and passionate about makeup, and I was always going through her makeup bag when I visited. She would teach me about all of her products and what they were for, and I always found myself so mesmerized! I would always beg her to do my makeup and one day, I started to beg to do hers! She actually bought me my first lot of high-end makeup on my 16th birthday and I would be in my room for hours practicing with it all. After my G-ma passed away a few years ago, I knew I couldn't give up the passion I had for makeup. I started my freelance business over 5 years ago now, and I can't imagine life without all my sweet clients! 

If you got through all that, I consider us friends now ;)

Thank you so much for being here. I can't wait to connect or REconnect with you!

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